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Responsive Web Design

Why Mobile Devices Matter

With the absolute, global domination of Smart Phones and mobile devices such as tablets (iPad, Android Tablet, BlackBerry PlayBook and others). More and more users are surfing the web with these products every day.

It doesn't look like this trend will be reversing any time soon, so website owners need to take mobile devices into consideration on some level when planning a web presence.

Mobile Options

There are options available to address this issue, but some are very costly and others fall short of expectations.

A full blown mobile version of your website may actually cost more than the original website due to the need to take into account the different mobile platforms being used. Often times a mobile web application would be more appropriate for websites that require extended functionality of their mobile versions.

Why Use Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is an inexpensive alternative to developing a mobile version of your website. Accessibility and usability are a decided advantage for any form of marketing. The importance of these attributes is magnified when it comes to web based marketing.

What Is Responsive Web Design

Simply put, Responsive Web Design is the ability of a website to respond to the width of the browser it is being viewed in. Once the width is detected, the layout of the website can be automatically optimized for the device type being used.