Quality Services

Website Design and Development

Website Design

Ninth Design creates an original, cutting edge design for each client. We never reuse designs and we never use templates or designs created by another company (third party).

All of our web designs deploy the very latest in Web next generation standards. Ninth Design pays careful attention to how our sites work on the web. Making use of HTML5 and CSS3 technologies along with consideration for ADA (Americans With Disabilities) compliance standards gives our clients a decided edge over the majority of websites.

Every aspect of websites that Ninth Design creates takes into account Search Engine Optimization (SEO) attributes, needed to ensure that your website receives the search engine attention that it deserves.

User experience is becoming increasingly important in the world or advance, modern website development. We offer a free user experience consultation for each enterprise level development created by our team. Our evaluations are based upon years of experience coupled with research and education based upon current trends and standards.

Development and Programming

Ninth design develops all of our coding and programming from scratch. Every web and mobile application we deliver was created by our team of top level programmers. All JavaScript Animations or AJAX are customized by our internal staff using jQuery libraries.

The advantages of using original programming instead of third party scripts such as Wordpress and Joomla or Durpal include:

  • Our clients enjoy far greater flexibility because we can customize each solution to fit their exact requirements.
  • New and different features can be created by us, on the fly.
  • There are barriers and parameters whenever you use third party or "canned" scripts. Since we create all of our web products internally, our clients are able to request exactly what they want with almost no limitations.
  • Security concerns are increasingly a major problem for those using third party CMS frameworks. These frameworks require a great deal of tending to keep updated with the latest in security patches and there are no guarantees that even the most vigilant editors and site owners can protect these “canned” solutions from even the most novice of intruders.

You may hire third party companies to develop plugins and add-ons to existing frameworks, but these often times stop working after a major update of the platform being used. Since these (so called free) platforms are available to the public, updates are often times needed to prevent vulnerabilities and correct programming errors. This would require paying additional fees to the plugin / add-on developer every time there is a major update.