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Why Do I Need a Facebook Page

In the early days of the internet, website were not a very good marketing platform. The main function of websites was to dispense information. Although a website is still the best way to keep your clients informed about you products and service, there now exists a paradigm shift in how we use the internet.

The web is now a very powerful marketing tool. Decidedly, Facebook book is partially responsible for this change. If you are looking to market something on the web today, you need a website that works in tandem with a Facebook page. Some types of website may also benefit from Twitter and Linkedin pages as well.

Facebook Integration

Many of the websites developed by Ninth Design feature some sort of integration with Facebook. One of the more popular methods is to display a window of your latest Facebook posts on you actual website. Here's an example: Hilton Guam. Another popular way to associate Facebook with your website is to have a "Like" button that may or may not also display the number of fans or "likes" your Facebook page has.

By far the most powerful Facebook integration is the use of a Facebook commenting system on your website. This system requires users to login to their Facebook account in order to comment on something they see on your website. When they post their comment, it also appears on the Wall of every Facebook friend they have. Some people have thousands of Facebook friends. This can only serve to drive traffic to your Facebook page and subsequently to your website.

Ninth Design has spent a great number of hours custom programming our very own Facebook API (Application Programming Interface) for this exact purpose. Here's an example: Pacific Home & Garden.